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Aleyant offers setup, maintenance and customization assistance for our print automation software suite through our Professional Services department.

Sometimes our customers need an extra helping hand when their employee gets sick, has time off, or are simply too busy with other things.

Collectively, our ProServices team have worked in Aleyant's Support, Special Projects or Development departments and know our print automation solutions inside and out. Having them help you with Aleyant Pressero™, Aleyant eDocBuilder™, Aleyant PrintJobManager™, or Aleyant tFLOW is as easy as contacting your sales rep. Or submit a support ticket and select Pro Services from the department menu. After we have all your details, we will provide a detailed quote for your review.

Benefits of our Hired Services

  • Maximize print automation - An integrated, connected workflow is built for productivity, growth, and smoother processing from quoting, to job submission, to output, delivery, accounting, CRM and more.
  • Experts that get it done - A dedicated and knowledgeable Professional Services expert who knows the product
  • Frequent communication about your project - Your satisfaction and success are our priorities, so you'll know exactly what has been done, who did the work, how long it took, and what is left to be completed
  • Saving time and money - For example, instead of you needing to manually enter hundreds of tax rates, our developers can do a database upload of your tax rates quicker and for less cost

Examples of Print Automation Professional Services

  • Assistance with eDocBuilder VDP template HTML or VB field scripting
  • Complete eDocBuilder online design or personalization template creation
  • Instant pricing calculator setup for Pressero W2P products
  • Pressero B2B or B2C printing storefront setup—as little or as much as needed (shipping methods, products, payment methods, site layout, forms, etc.)
  • Assistance with complicated Site Group or Approval Plan scenarios
  • Extra one-on-one training via online conferencing

Examples of Web to Print Skinning Services

  • Custom Pressero site skinning--minor changes or complete site skinning
  • Storefront user experience special effects

Examples of Print Automation Programmer Services

  • tFLOW custom scripts
  • API-related projects for eDocBuilder, Pressero, PrintJobManager, or tFLOW
  • Middleware applications
  • API-related projects for eDocBuilder, Pressero, PrintJobManager, or tFLOW
  • Custom Reports
  • Pressero storefront, eDocBuilder template, PrintJobManager print MIS or tFLOW automated prepress integrations with 3rd party solutions
  • DNS support when you've chosen to manage your own DNS, rather than use Aleyant's DNS management

Contact Sales@Aleyant.com or Aleyant Support to learn more.